Eazy Learnings is an online 1:1 LIVE classes platform.

About us

Welcome to Eazy Learnings

Eazy Learnings is an online education platform that provides 1:1 classes to all its students with free doubt sessions.

We provide an environment interactive and safe for the learners to learn at their own pace.

Our highly trained educators handle Coding, Maths, Science, Social Science and many more, including preparation for entrance exams.

We aim at the skilling of the students and give them the exposure to think out of the box!

Eazy Learnings Benefits

Learn from the absolute best teachers.

Students’ Curriculum

Students’ Curriculum

Personalized 1:1 online classes according to students’ curriculum.
Doubt Classes

Doubt Classes

Free doubt sessions available to excel in your exams.
Great Educators

Great Educators

Learn more with highly trained teachers and achieve your goals.


Our expert will assist you in achieving your academic goals.

Eazy Learnings Students

We have students from various countries.

Overall Development

Eazy Learnings along with education focuses on the overall development of its learners by providing them the skill sets which sets them apart from their peers and makes them better individuals.

All this for FREE!

  • Fun engaging activities on regular intervals.
  • Quizzes that are fun from different domains.
  • Communication skills by organizing competitions.
  • Eazy Learnings Results

    Hear it out from our students.

    All of my last-minute questions were answered by my mentor. It has been very beneficial to me because it concentrates on enhancing and solidifying topics.
    Eazy Learnings provides with the best understanding of coding languages. It has helped me in gathering my thoughts and putting them together for better results.
    I was able to understand even the most difficult concepts with ease. Thanks to the personalized 1:1 classes and the teachers provided by Eazy Learnings.